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Cold Steel Battle Shades

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Mark-III, Lo-Pro, Gloss Black

Back in 1980, Cold Steels first customers were Military and Law Enforcement professionals - and what they valued most was Cold Steel's unwavering commitment to strength. With that strength in turn, came safety, and Cold Steel has been pioneering research and development in this field ever since. From day one, many of the products have been specially developed for warriors. So when Cold Steel began to explore eye wear solutions,Cold Steel went beyond just "sunglasses" and developed Battle Shades!

From boardroom to battlefield, Battle Shades have been created for maximum comfort and security. Their sleek, low profile and ergonomic frames are remarkably light and comfortable, with integrated soft temple tips and nose pads to aid retention, as well as to increase comfort on typical "hot spots" that occur from prolonged wear. The Mil-Spec high impact polarized polycarbonate lenses not only offer 100% UV (A,B &C) protection, but also meet the Military Standard impact resistance rating, offering superior coverage and protection in the field.

For added safety and peace of mind,Cold Steel has added innovative protective shields to selected models in our line-up. These fully removable shields give additional protection from the distraction (and potential injury) of wind-shear, air born debris and glare, keeping you focused, alert and ready for action!

Each of the Battle Shades comes complete with a soft microfiber pouch and a durable carry case.The case features a discreet internal pocket (for carrying a knife, mini-revolver or even just your money clip) and has integrated snap-fit loops so you can carry your Battle Shades on a belt or pack.Available in a variety of styles, Battle Shades are both practical and tactical; perfect for Military, Law Enforcement, and First Respondents in our Emergency Services. They are also an excellent choice for Hunting and outdoor pursuits, shooting, and extreme sports, as well as for every day wear.


- Gloss Black
- Black Nosepads
- Black Temple Tips
- Silver Logo
- Grey Polarized Lenses
- Black Side Shields


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